Child safety pool net installation

Child safety pool net installation

At The Cape Bali we value and care for your child’s safety and have recently fitted a pool safety net.

The safety net has been around for decades and has prevented thousands of children from drowning! The openings are too small for a babies head to fit through but big enough to prevent a baby from crawling or playing on it. In the event of a baby crawling towards the pool, the arm or leg will fall through the openings of the net and the child will be supported at the edge of the pool and will be unable to crawl to the center of the net.

The nets have a built in pulley system acting as the shoe laces of the safety net. This central system ensures even tension all around the perimeter and can also be adjusted. Once the tension system is released the safety net is more user friendly. A watertight central float is included as a safety precaution, it acts as a buoy and supports the center of the net. This keeps the net well above the water surface and is especially important for when the pool is filling up with rain water.

A huge thank-you goes out to AQUA-NET for the installation of their safety net product.

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