Languages in Cape Town when staying at The Cape Bali.

Languages in Cape Town when staying at The Cape Bali.

Languages in Cape Town.

The most common languages in Cape Town are English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. Afrikaans is the most widely spoken home language with more than 40% of Capetonians speaking the language. Afrikaans is one of the eleven official languages of South Africa. English is widely spoken and most of the local African population speaks Xhosa. English is spoken by most of the locals, however Afrikaans is still the lingua franca in the Northern suburbs and on the Cape Flats.

Today many foreigners are living in the Mother City too, so you will hear a multitude of foreign languages in the streets and shopping centres. There is historically a large German, French, Dutch and Portuguese community in the Cape and many Italians, Russians and Asians have found their new home in South Africa’s Mother City.

Cape Town is a beloved destination for language studies and chosen as a favourite language travel destination by people from all over the world. Some choose to come here to combine their language studies with some adventure travel or safari travel to get more insights into the Cape Town life.

There are numerous language schools in Cape Town that cater for tourists, business travelers and gap year students offering language classes for exam preparation, business English or immersion courses and some even add on work experience programs.

There are quite a few differences between South African English and British or American English as there are many influences from the Afrikaans and the local languages in the English which is spoken here. There are also a lot of typical South African expressions which you will come across.

So it is a good idea to accustom yourself with simple words like ‘robot‘, which stands for ‘traffic lights’, and ‘braai’ (others call it ‘barbecue’) to find you ways around in the Mother City and enjoy your stay in South Africa.

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