Luxury accommodation to rent Cape Town

Luxury accommodation to rent Cape Town

Stress is the least of your concern while at the Cape Bali luxury accommodation to rent Cape Town. We have an array of activities ready to be arranged to make sure you always feel “shanti” (At Peace). The Om Revolution, with their incredibly qualified Yoga instructors are at your disposal should you want to experience a full yoga experience.

The practice of yoga is a growing trend in Cape Town. Meaning ‘union’, yoga has its roots in Sanskrit ‘vuj’ which unifies the mind, body and soul. All you have to do is roll out your mat and assume the downward facing dog position.

Whether you are recovering from surgery or an accident, have limitations in your body, or you have special needs – yoga sessions will work for you! Release the pain and stress from your body with healing and therapeutic Massage treatments, offered by our lis of experienced massage therapists.

With Massage in Motion and Bianca’s network of professional therapists and beauticians, she guarantees the same excellence she offers the celebrities she has previously worked with. Professionally trained in various forms of massage From Swedish to Hot Stone Massage to pain relief for pregnant women Bianca caters to all of your wellness needs!
In the comfort of the Cape Bali Your-Home-Away-From-Home is the perfect scenery for a rich, fun and spiritual experience.

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